Second Nature Organics tours for hospitality students are aimed at providing students with a broad understanding of food production processes with an emphasis on the benefits of organics. Tours aim to leave students with greater understanding of what's behind the products they use and a newfound respect for quality. There is also the opportunity for students to participate in outdoor cooking techniques including use of our camp oven and/or wood-fired oven.  

Tutorial topics during the tours include: 
• organics or chemical-free based production systems and how these differ from conventional and / or hydroponic food production processes that use chemical based fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides
• global trends in organics and what is driving consumer demand for organic produce, including in leading restaurants e.g.:
o taste 
o health 
o environment 
o global warming 
o food miles – increasing preference for fresh and local produce
• understanding food nutrition and the impacts of various production methodologies on food nutrition and quality
• introduction to Australian bush foods. 
The tour is highly interactive and hands on and students have the chance to pick fresh produce for use in cooking exercises. For commercial cookery students we work closely with clients to ensure best alignment with your curriculum needs and we are more than happy for trainers to make use of our facilities to deliver teaching sessions.