Second Nature tours for horticulture and agriculture students provide an opportunity for students to gain practical experience of a commercial organic farm. 

The tours provide students with a broad understanding of organic food production including:
• organics and permaculture based production systems and how these differ from conventional chemical-based and / or hydroponic food production processes 
• global trends in organics and what is driving consumer demand e.g.:
o taste 
o health 
o environment 
o global warming 
o food miles – increasing preference for fresh and local produce
• understanding food nutrition and the impacts of various production methodologies on food nutrition and quality
The tours also take-in operational matters such as packing and distribution systems, and strategic matters such as discussion on statistical trends in organics, organic certification processes and marketing and branding. 
But it's not all academic - far from it! The tour is hands-on and guests may also pick fresh farm produce and participate in cooking outdoor lunches in the camp oven or wood-fired oven. 
We appreciate that many of our guests have a lot of knowledge of farming and organics and we encourage discussion and sharing of ideas and information.