Health Sciences

Health science students will understand that a healthy diet is at the core of healthy living. How many people are aware however, that the nutritional quality of foods differs enormously depending on the type of production method used to produce certain foods? If a food is deficient in nutrients, what impact does that have on human health?

There is a growing body of evidence that food grown with chemical based fertilisers is less nutritious than foods grown in well-managed organic systems. Research also shows that chemical based fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides used in conventional agricultural systems pose problems to human health not associated with products used in organic systems. 
Second Nature Organics tours for health science students provide an opportunity for students to gain a broad understanding of food production processes with an emphasis on the benefits of organics. 
Tours will aim to leave students with greater understanding of where food comes from and a newfound respect for quality. Topics may include:
• organics and permaculture based production systems and how these differ from conventional and / or hydroponic food     production processes 
• understanding food nutrition and the impacts of various production methodologies on food nutrition and quality
• global trends in organics and what is driving consumer demand e.g.:
o taste 
o health 
o environment 
o global warming 
o food miles – increasing preference for fresh and local produce.
The tour is hands-on and includes the chance for students to pick fresh farm produce and have great fun learning about outdoor cooking e.g. camp oven damper or wood-fired pizzas.  
For health science colleges we work closely with clients to ensure best alignment with your curriculum needs and we are more than happy for trainers to make use of our facilities to deliver teaching sessions.