About us

The Farm 

Second Nature Organics is the trading name for the Costantini family farm.  Affectionately known as “the farm”, it has been in the family since the 1950s when Mike and Betty Costantini settled in the Narangba area, just north of Brisbane.
The farm has produced many things over the years including pineapples, gherkins, strawberries and chickens. It is now a certified organic farm with a variety of species in production, including kale, silverbeet, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants and herbs. We chose the name Second Nature because we think it's only natural to be able to enjoy quality, wholesome food that is good for you. 
There has also been a lot of work over the years re-establishing native trees, creating wildlife habitats and rehabilitating the natural watercourse. While so many other rural properties have fallen to development, the farm is a picturesque oasis amidst greater-Brisbane’s burgeoning urban sprawl.
One of our passions has been, and always will be, hosting visitors to the farm. These days in addition to farming activities, we enjoy hosting educational tour groups and small events on the farm. 
Mike and Betty Costantini 
Mike Costantini was born in the beautiful Abbruzzi region of central Italy and immigrated to Australia in 1952. Mike's roots have always been in the land and his vision has been for the farm to be a place where you can have a leisurely caminata (stroll) and always find something to enjoy eating along the way. 
Betty Costantini has raised five Costantini children along with helping to run all of the various farming activities over the years. Betty helps run the Second Nature Organics nursery where we grow organic seedlings. 
Len Costantini and Renee Hardy 
Len Costantini and his wife Renee are Directors of Second Nature Organics - overseeing a small team all working to manage our farming and educational day-tour activities. They are supported by volunteers through the 'Willing Workers on Organic Farms' program (Wwoofers). Their two children love helping, but most of all eating, the produce fresh from the garden.